SHE Sound Bite with Sabra May

When I last visited LA, I got the chance to hang with the oh-so-delightful voice actor and on-camera actress, Sabra May. And since we were hanging, we decided to make a SHE Sound Bite video!


My mini production crew–aka my darling family–with the extraordinary Sabra May.

One of the many things that I love about Sabra, besides the fact that she is a multi-talented actress, is that she is just as nuts about healthy living as I am. So when we get together, we have tons to talk about in natural living world.


Chatting it up with Sabra May, one of my favorite LA peeps!

Sabra is one of those people that makes you feel better, just from being around her. Just one little visit with this ray of sunshine, and you’ll be floating on sunbeams for days to come. If you haven’t yet met Sabra, you can catch a glimpse of her funtastic personality in this SHE Sound Bite video.

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