Love Murphy Beds? You’ll totally dig TechCraft Wallbeds!

Ever since my Aunt Sally installed Murphy Beds in the spare bedrooms of her home years ago, I’ve kind of had a “thing” for those kinds of beds. I mean, really, how cool is it to be able to fold your bed up into a wall when you wake up in the morning? It adds so much more space to small rooms.  I love going to Aunt Sally’s house, and one of the reasons is because I get a real bed to sleep in when I visit!

Recently I got a chance to lend my vocal talents to the lovely folks at TechCraft Manufacturing so they could share more details on their amazing wallbeds.While I haven’t gotten a chance to actually  install one of these beds myself, watching the video certainly has my wheels turning.

The fact that you can install one yourself is pretty cool.

During the day, the bed acts as a decorative cabinet. And at night– a cozy bed.

Did you see how pretty the bed in the video is? And that’s not the only one. Check out the entire collection at


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