Logo for my RV Travel Memoir

Recently, my hubby and I had a fun experience getting a logo designed from 99Designs.com.

Little-Snowbirds-Book-CoverBasically, you put your logo idea out there, along with any helpful notes, and it turns into a contest that graphic designers all over the world who have 99Designs.com accounts can compete in if they feel so inclined.

While Patrick and I have the skills and experience to create a logo for ourselves, we thought since the holidays were upon us and we weren’t feeling that crafty and creative when it came to this logo, we’d outsource the project–and we are so thrilled that we did!

Just hours after filling out the initial design form, logo designs began to trickle in. And most of them were really great!

What were the specs you ask? Basically we told the designers we needed a logo to go along with my upcoming RV travel memoir, Little Snowbirds: A Love Story on Wheels. We showed them the book cover (above) and also gave them the link to this site, just in case they wanted any more inspiration.

Most of the designers were fabulous at incorporating the snowbirds aspect into their design. What was interesting to witness is that one designer added a tree into her design and several followed suit. So for several rounds, the travel theme gave way to some lovebirds in a tree theme. It was an interesting veer off.

Luckily, we were able to give extra guidance during the process, and asked the designers to incorporate the travel aspect of the logo into their design concepts as well.

Several designers submitted multiple concepts of their design, we could tell that they resonated the most with the project. That’s why I felt bad when it came time to play the elimination game. So many of the designs were so good! However, during the process, it’s necessary for you to eliminate logos from the competition.

Eventually, we narrowed it down to three designers and soon the right designer, along with her design, was chosen. Voila! Here she is in all her glory.


What was the damage you might ask? The total cost was $300. We thought it was very reasonable considering all of the choices we had and the final product more than exceeded our expectations. Plus, we got to sit back and relax while other people’s creative juices flowed for us. Isn’t delegating fun? Now, if I could only find a vegan/gluten-free gourmet chef to delegate all my cooking to, we’d be in business!

  1. Jessica

    Nice! I like it!

    • Erin

      Why, thank you my dear! 🙂

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