Renewed Appreciation with Amazing Autumn

I’ve lived in Portland, Oregon for nine years. And in those nine years, I’ve never truly felt that we’ve had much of an autumn. While you could tell that Portland had it in her to create a dazzling show, Mother Nature would come in and steal autumn’s thunder with rain and windstorms that would make the season fall flat.

Not this year.


This year, I feel like I’m in the Blue Ridge mountains. Almost every day this month has been sunny, crisp and cool. And the autumn colors have been ahhhh-mazing! Of course, when the weather is this unexpectedly wonderful, one has to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Many projects have been put on hold so that I can get outside and relish in this effing amazing autumnal splendor. My friend, Mel, and I took Pickles and her best pal to the park.



I’ve taken many more walks just to gaze up at the trees.


I’ve even parked the car on the side of the road on my way to the grocery store just to stare at the way the evening sun hits the crown of a gorgeous, multi-colored maple.


And all of this ooohing and ahhing over the season has made me appreciate Portland all over again.

It’s funny because just a few months ago, I was done with Portland and already planting the seeds for a relocation.

However, that’s not even part of my daily thoughts anymore. And it used to be all I could think about. While I was obsessing over a big-time move, it was obvious that I needed a change of scenery. And while I still may need that big ol’ move one day, for now I’m content with a change of season.



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