SHE Sound Bite with Tenley Webb

Recently I had the chance to sit down with my dazzling friend and fellow voice actor, Tenley Webb, while she shared a bit about herself for an episode of the SHE Sound Bite.


Tenley, who has been doing VO for 12 years, got her start working for a company that had her doing children’s cartoon voices. Soon after that, she met a local radio producer that put her on air, and the rest is history.


Not only is Tenley a voice actor, she’s also married to a wonderful man and they have a darling 3-year-old son. When I asked her what her idea of a perfect day was, she responded, “My perfect day would be a balance of some down time spent with my husband and son and some quality ‘me’ time that might include a massage, snuggling up with a book, or going to a movie.”

And Tenley is oh so full of surprises! In fact, many people, upon first meeting Tenley, might be surprised to know that she considers herself a 50/50 introvert/extrovert. “I like to spend time on my own but I’m also a performer,” she explains. “I grew up singing and dancing and being on a stage, so there’s that side to me as well.”

Want to know more about Tenley? Then look below or hop on over and watch this SHE Sound Bite video to discover what the most important element Tenley brings into the booth with her and learn more about a project that she is working on that’s helping her to fulfill a life-long passion.

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