SHEtreat for Female Voice Actors

A few weeks ago, I had the ahhhhhmazing opportunity to spend the weekend learning, sharing and connecting with many of the talented and extraordinary women that make up SHE is a collective of female voice talent that is the brainchild of Stacey Stahl, founder of In Both Ears voiceover talent agency and Creative Entertainment Management.


Here is SHE’s mission: We believe that banding together is the strongest way to build awareness and raise women’s voices. Join us as we shift the soundscape in the world of voice by exploring our curated roster of the industry’s finest female talent. Women’s voices make a statement; so can you.

It’s a mission I’m all giddy about! I’m thrilled to be a SHEsister with so many awe-inspiring women in the wild, wonderful world of voiceover.

SHEtendees included the amazing SHE staffers Stacey Stahl and Rachel Wirtz, along with the marvelous voice actresses, Sabra May, Jessica Gee, Sybil Johnson, Kat Harrington, Kitzie Stern, Janet Day, Sadie Medley, Tenley Webb, Hannah Childs, Robyn Moler, Mercedes Rose, Catherine Sheehan, Hannah Childs, Liane De Lotbiniere, and lil’ old me.





Over the course of the weekend, we listened to several inspiring presenters, each there to help us in their own unique ways.

Day One

The first presenter, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor Diana Byrnes, gave us tips to ground ourselves during our auditions and when in session.


Some of the tricks she shared include meditating before we stepped into our booths and literally grounding ourselves by shaking out our bodies and planting our feet firmly to the ground. She also suggested ways to protect our energy and reminded us to ask for help from the archangels whenever we need it. And whenever we do ask for something, to make sure to pause long enough to hear the answer. Her overall message? Believe in yourself and trust that you will be provided for.  Oh, and here’s a fun little tidbit—whenever there is a lot of synchronicity going on in your life, you can bet the angels are involved. They’re all about creating synchronicity!

After a short lunch break we came back to the earthly realm with Stacey Powell, founder of The Finance Gym.


Stacey was awesome at really helping us get to the heart of why we are entrepreneurs and what we wanted out of our lives. Not surprisingly, when we filled out worksheets on what success and money meant to us, nobody answered that they wanted mansions and Lear jets. The answers were more like awesome vacations with family and enough money to spend buying healthier food at Whole Foods. It was less material goods and more access to fun times, better health, and living our dreams. It wasn’t really about the “ja-jing” as much as the desire to impact other’s lives in as many ways as possible. Whether it is to entertain, inform, make people laugh or cry, we just want to make our mark on the world.

Stacey made some awesome suggestions on financial fitness. My favorite takeaway is this fabulous tip–she said that when you do your finances each month, make it a celebration. Go hang out at your favorite coffee shop and go over the bills, or grab a bottle of champagne while you look over your P&L and update your balance sheet. Nobody ever said that stuff had to stressful! Making it a celebration can help improve the energy surrounding our businesses. And it’s one more way to honor this beautiful entrepreneurial ventures we’ve embarked on.

Suggested Reading:

The Energy of Money: A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead
by Brene Brown
Day Two

Day One of the SHEtreat was filled with inspiration and Day Two was just as fabulous.  Soon after we gathered, SHEtreaters were treated to the uber-talented voice actor and coach, Leslie Jane of InsideVoice. (Just listen to my awesome demo that she produced to see how talented she is!)

Leslie Jane focused on the roles we each have in our lives. For instance, some of the main roles I play include mom, sister, wife, actor, writer, yogini, friend, daughter, neighbor, RV enthusiast, traveler and adventurer. She said that what works for us in life, also works for us on the mic and to bring those things that do work for us with us into the booth. She also encouraged us to take more risks in our life and behind the mic.


Another great tip from Leslie’s lecture? Don’t lose your sense of humor. You got into this profession because it brought you great joy. Keep that childlike wonder, even during the dry spells and plateaus. Just keep on trucking and bringing your authentic self to the experience.

Hot tip: If you can’t let it go; let it be!
Hot tip: Don’t seek balance in your life; seek harmony.

Day Two was wrapped up by a talk led by Sonja Grace who shared that each of us is a conduit for the energy from above and the earth.


She said it is that energy which ignites in our hearts and we express ourselves from that center. Plugging into Mother Earth gives us our power and now is a great time to learn to plug in because we’ve recently moved from the 4th to 5th dimension. She noted that if any of us were experiencing weird physical symptoms, it’s because we are really sensitive to “The Shift” and not to fear; there is nothing wrong with us. We have literally shifted to a much higher vibration.

How does this relate to voiceover? The best way to manage everything that we do is to approach everything from a spiritual place. You want more jobs and to be appreciated for the gifts that you offer the world? Then you have to raise your vibration to meet the vibration that you seek. Our minds are constantly being reflected back to us, so if we are fearful about something we are magnetizing that energy. However, if pure love is running through us, then that is what we will get back in return. How can we manifest a state of pure love? Meditation is one of her favorite tools! She explained that rather than judging the things that are happening in our lives as good or bad, meditation helps us be at a place of peace. And being in a place of peace, we are able to better manifest a higher vibrational state.

Overall, the weekend was filled with inspiration, fellowship, great nuggets of wisdom, and a little sassyfrassing girl-time! I can’t wait for the next SHEtreat!


  1. Robyn Moler

    Erin, I LOVE this blog post. You summarized everything perfectly. It’s been a couple of months since the SHEtreat and happening upon your recap of it was an awesome reminder of what all went down. So, thank you for reminding me of all that wisdom I digested too quickly. And I’m so glad to have met you. I will follow you and your spunky little ball of energy wherever you go.

    • Erin

      Robyn!! You ROCK!! Speaking of spunky little balls of energy–I miss you!! I’m sooooo glad that the post was helpful in reminding you of some of the awesome stuff we learned. I keep having to remember to ground myself in the booth. And then I let out a big yelp and shake and then have some fun with a character detour. As silly as it must look, it sure seems to work!

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