Cool Mamas on the Playground

I tell you what, you meet the most interesting people on the playgrounds.

Last month, while playing at Pan Pacific Park in Los Angeles, we met a cool mama and her kids. While our kiddos entertained themselves, our adult conversation naturally led to what do you do. And we found out this mama was a rapper! How cool is that??

Her song, “Imma Maid” is super fun and you can view it on YouTube here. It’s also available for download in the iTunes store.

And, according to her most recent blog post, she’s been back in the studio laying down more tracks.

Rock on, Mama PDog! Looking forward to hearing more from you!!


  1. Mercedes Rose

    I was going to say “Only in Portland”… but this was in Hollywood! 🙂

    • Erin

      I’ll have to blog about the Portlanders we meet at playgrounds as well! Mama PDog was the most fun playground mama we’ve encountered in a long time.

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