Ice Cream Trucks and Doggie Doo

What do ice cream trucks and doggie do have in common? Normally, not much. However,  a recent visit to an ice cream truck was the catalyst for an introduction to one of my new favorite signs!

During our stay in East L.A., we constantly heard the sounds of ice cream trucks trolling the neighborhood. We avoided them like the plague. Even though our darling Pickles was begging to get some ice cream from one of the trucks, I much preferred to get our sweets from Kind Kreme, Whole Foods, or one of my favorite L.A. bakeries like Babycakes or Breakaway Bakery.

However, the temptation was too much for our little one, so we finally decided to let her get a bomb pop from Jose’s ice cream truck.


Pickles did a great job ordering and paying for the bomb pop herself.


She didn’t even seem to care that it wasn’t ice cream. The fact that the obelisk of cold sugar was multicolored seemed good enough for her.


While she enjoyed her treat, we saw something else that caught our eye–our first glimpse of a dog defecation sign that wasn’t just a photo of a dog dropping a bomb. What a treat!


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