Ladies Who Lunch Learn Great VO Tip!

In the nine years I’ve lived in Portland, I must say that I’ve met some amazingly talented people. Thankfully, many of these people have also become my dear friends.

A while back, several fellow female voice actors and myself decided we were going to do our best to meet each month for a lunch date. While it doesn’t happen every month, when it does, it sure the hell brightens my day. We call ourselves “Ladies Who Lunch.” Our gang consists of Mercedes Rose, Hannah Childs, Tenley Webb, Elizabeth Faulkner Bock and Leslie Jane. Oh, and me!


This past month, the ladies met at my favorite restaurant in the whole world–Native Foods! Not only did I get to indulge in my favorite Native Nachos plate, Mercedes got her first sip of some divine Lavender Lemonade, and we all got to hear about what was going on in each other’s personal and business lives. To top it off, Mercedes shared a fun “on the road” recording tip that blew me away. She said that she records her “on the road” auditions from her iPhone using just the phone mic and iAudition. And she says that the sound quality is amazingly good!!

What’s interesting is that I just got all excited about the apogee mic and it’s a great sound!

While I don’t have an iPhone, I do have an iPad. I’m not sure if the mic sound quality would match what Mercedes is getting from the iPhone, but it’s worth a shot. Anybody else have any experience with this setup? What is your take?


  1. Mercedes Rose

    Thanks for including me in your awesome blog girl!

    • Erin

      Thanks for including me in your awesome LIFE! xxoo!! 🙂

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