My Lilly Life

Before I redesigned my website, I was going to start a blog titled “My Lilly Life” that followed my journey from the life I am currently living into my dream life that more resembled a scene out of a Lilly Pulitzer catalog.

The purpose of the blog was to follow my thoughts and reasons for wanting to show up in that new reality, the steps I took to get there, and what getting there really meant to me. While I ended up doing something different with my website, I will post musings about my Lilly Life from time to time.

As those who really know me know—I just don’t dig the weather in the Pacific Northwest.  It doesn’t bring out the best in me and it contributes greatly to the presence of my new sidekick, Anxiety. I’m a summer girl, through and through! That’s why I really resonate with all things Lilly Pulitzer. Everything about their marketing makes me feel, well, happy! It’s all sunshine, tropical colors, beaches, cute sandals, floral dresses, relaxing by the poolside, happy, relaxed, smell of salt air, pink lipstick, blonde highlights, resort-style mindset, vacations, carefree, confident, easygoing, luxurious, painted toenails, palm trees, tropical plants, toes in warm sand, light ocean breezes, bare shoulders—you get the idea.

Basically, living my so-called Lilly Life is what my soul currently yearns for, and what my current reality does not provide! For inspiration, I have a Lilly Pulitzer catalog near my workspace at all times, and even printed out one my favorite scenes of the happy chick just strutting along in her darling Delia Dress and stuck it to the wall in front of me.


I just melt into the advertisements, the beautiful floral prints, the scenery, the contentment on the faces of the models. I relish the design of the company website and just adore the overall style! And, of course, I admire what I’ve heard and read about the spunky Lilly Pulitzer herself. Her amazing story about how she even became a fashion designer can be found on

With the recent news of Lilly’s passing, I feel even more compelled to catapult myself into my dream life. It seems as though the death of someone who has brought that much joy to the world makes me want to return the favor by creating a more joyful world myself. I salute you, Lilly Pulitzer, for making the world a more beautiful place and for brightening my dreams, and inspiring me to move into a life that feeds my soul. Thank you.

  1. Rena

    Oh Erin, I love this post and reading about what inspires you.
    When I think of you I think of yellow-orange-sunshine-spirit. I look forward to reading more about your Lilly Life and all the ways you are catapulting into your dream life. You have the fiery spirit to do it!
    Sending hugs,

    • Erin

      Rena, thank you SO much for reading! It’s been such an interesting journey lately into really realizing that I miss the sun and everything that goes along with it. Once I discovered Lilly Pulitzer, I just knew that was the way I wanted my life to feel. And you know this better than most! You moved right into your dream life on the coast. I’m always amazed at how peaceful and cheerful you are. I love your positive contributions to the world!!

      Hugs back at you!


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