Daiya ‘Cheese’ at Whole Foods

So, I’m hanging out at this really nice Whole Foods store in Glendale, California the other day when I pass the cheese section. At first, there was nothing much to talk about. I did a quick scan and saw the usual offerings, including my favorite daiya “cheese” in a bag. However, that soon changed because underneath those bags of daiya goodness…


…were these honking huge blocks of daiya cheese!!  I almost missed it too, because they just blended into the scenery. And I was like, what? How cool is that??? The blocks were all gourmet-looking like the other blocks of real dairy nearby. Nice job whoever thought of this! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to grab a hunk this time around but I hope I find these delightful daiya bricks when we return to Portland.


  1. Ashleen

    Hi Erin,

    So great to hear that you enjoy our products! Before we introduced a retail package, our products were only available through special orders. Daiya was originally meant for food service or to be used as an ingredient, which is why we offered Daiya in a large block format. Since there wasn’t a retail size available, Whole Foods would portion it into small packages and sell it to consumers. Some Whole Foods still sell our products this way.
    However, we experienced a large demand from consumers, so we introduced an 8oz shredded style product. We started shredding them because those blocks are meant to be cooked and melted, rather than eaten cold. After many hours of research, we found that the shredded style makes this easier for customers to enjoy on their favorite foods, like pizza, macaroni and cheese, and lasagna.
    We have since created new products which can be eaten cold or melted. Have you had a chance to try our wedges yet?
    Hope that explains those mysterious blocks you saw at Whole Foods 😉

    • admin

      Hi Ashleen,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out to me. I must admit I’m in LOVE with your products! Daiya cheese has changed my life in so many ways. In fact, I just made some nachos tonight that wouldn’t have been the same without my tried and true cheddar style shreds. I also make the best vegan/gluten-free lasagna with your shredded style cheeses!

      I have tried the wedges and love them too! Their texture is phenomenal–so creamy! Sadly, I left Glendale without getting a block. Darned it! That’s OK, I’m on my way back there in a few months. I was just so tickled to see those blocks and can’t wait to pick one up for myself soon. 🙂

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