Coffeehouse Playdates and Musicals

Every few months–not often enough–my fellow voice actor friend, Tenley Webb, and I make plans to hang out. And since we are both moms of toddlers, we usually make a play date. Since she and I live on opposite sides of the Portland Metro Area, we usually try to find a place to meet in the middle.

I recently read about a coffee shop at 51st and Foster called Speedboat Coffee. Their website said they had a kid’s playroom, so I suggested that we meet there.  While the kid’s play area was not much bigger than a large broom closet, thankfully, there were no other people in the room. So my darling family and Tenley and her adorable son got the room all to ourselves.


On these play dates, we cross our fingers and hope that our kids play nicely so that we can catch up. This time they only had one little issue sharing the eggs and frying pan.


Tenley is one of those people that shines her light on those around her. I always feel more inspired, more uplifted, and ready to tackle some of life’s challenges after I’ve spent time with her. Our favorite subjects? Alternative health, voiceover, and our other creative pursuits.While we spent a little bit of time talking about my travel memoir, what I was most interested in hearing was Tenley’s progress on her musical.


Over the past year during many of our discussions, Tenley and I have chatted about her dream of making a musical that focused on second chances. She shared more of her vision with me on our last visit together and it sounds like a brilliant musical. I was so excited to hear that she is now collaborating with a composer to make this dream a reality! Since I know nothing about musicals and what it takes to put one together, I was fascinated to hear about who does what and what comes next. After Tenley writes the musical and she and the composer work on the music, they will eventually need to get funding, find a choreographer, director, producers, performers, and a venue. Whew! No small task for sure.

My favorite part about this whole thing is that I will get to witness it from concept to completion. And an even more delicious part? I get to see my friend make her dreams come true.


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