The Chapman Swifts

Today my adorable actor/voice actor friend Aaron and his lovely boyfriend, Kale, met me at Whole Foods in the Hollywood District for a short visit while the pair was back in town visiting from LA. While their intentions were noble on getting some quality time in, their visit with me at Whole Foods needed to be cut short. After apologizing profusely for this, Aaron asked if me and my darling family would like to see The Swifts later that evening.

To which I replied, “The wha???”

Aaron then explained to me that every year around this time people gathered before sunset at the Chapman Elementary School to watch thousands of Vaux Swifts congregate for their evening roost at the elementary school’s chimney. He said it was an amazing sight, so I said we’d go. After trucking back to our house, I gathered my darling family and headed back into Northwest Portland to check out this spectacle.


And a sight it was. Apparently NOW is the time to see The Swifts in action, so if you haven’t gotten a chance yet, jump on it! For more information visit

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