Getting rid of fear

Today my darling husband took my darling daughter out for a few hours to give me some time to work. He did the same thing the other day and it was marvelous. He took her to the museum and gave me six glorious hours to work on edits on my travel memoir. Since he is not on any deadlines, he did it again today.

Today was different. I woke up jumpy, agitated and nervous. Bad night’s sleep, I guess. When they were backing out of the driveway I wanted to scream “STOP! Let me come with you!”

But, I didn’t.

Because I asked for this time. And Patrick was giving it to me. And, by golly, I was going to take advantage of it.

So I diligently parked myself in front of his computer and worked on edits in InDesign. Then I parked myself in front of my computer and worked on photos. And when I needed to switch gears, I poked around on social networking sites. And I wrote. And I twitched. And I took deep breaths. And I kept visiting the refrigerator to see what I could snack on.

I even tried to meditate, without much success. I almost made it to the end of my 15 minute Chopra Center meditation session, but not quite. (By the way, Chopra Center meditations–they are the bomb!)

Then I finally realized why. I am almost finished with my project. I am twtiching because I am soon going to release my travel memoir to the world and I’m a little overwhelmed with the “big picture.” When I stick to the small details and try not to get caught up in the big picture, I do OK. But this morning, I’ve been pretty focused on the whole gluten-free, black bean and Daiya cheese enchilada. And it’s a little intimidating to say the least.

Rather than keep hopping up to find something to eat or drink, I got the brilliant idea that I should poke around on Danielle LaPorte’s website for a bit. And you have no idea how happy I am because of that. If you haven’t heard of Danielle LaPorte and The Fire Starter sessions, head as quickly as you can out to this website and find out who she is:

Talk about an inspirational person. She’s all about becoming your authentic self, getting rid of your fears, and just DOING IT, whatever that IT might be.

For fun, visit this link

And then watch the video and download her deconstructing fear worksheet.

I did, and I feel completely different than I did an hour ago. In a good way! I can see myself crossing the finish line with a honking huge  smile on my face. Check it out when you get a chance. It only takes a few minutes, but can make a world of difference. More later; it’s time for me to get back to my book.


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