Apples, Berries and Tiny Boats

Much of the time, you can hear me complaining about the weather in Portland. It’s only because I’m a warm weather kind of gal and Portland has about 9 months of winter. But that wasn’t the case over this Labor Day weekend. Not even close. We experienced what could only be considered the perfect early autumn weather–crisp sunny mornings giving way to warm afternoons and cool evenings.

Although our friends April and Jeff were supposed to head to Ashland over the weekend, their plans changed and they surprised us with an overnight visit. We all woke up at our leisure on Monday morning and decided that we should spend some time picking fruit. We strolled to the front entrance of our neighborhood where several apple trees stood and watched as Jeff pick over 30 pounds of apples from the trees.


On our way back, we let Pickles pick one berry from a farmer’s field…


and then we strolled down into the canyon behind our house to forage for blackberries.


Jeff, being the clever outdoorsman that he is, made two boats out of sticks and large maple leaves.


He and Pickles then sailed them in Beaver Creek while April and I relaxed to the tune of the bubbling creek.


Then we feasted on our bounty!




  1. Adrian

    I see Eddie Bananahands!

    • Erin

      Tee hee! 🙂

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