From RV owner to RV enthusiast

Even though I knew this day was coming, even though I prepared for it as much as I could by lovingly cleaning out our Fourwinds Chateau to get her ready for consignment, I wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming sadness that hit me once we were at the dealership talking about the specifics. Not only was I feeling an emotional loss, but a sizable financial loss as well. We knew there was some light water damage in the cabover that needed to be fixed. It cost more than we hoped it would cost. Plus, the tires needed replacing. We had to go ahead and pay to fix her up before she could be sold.

We bought our lovely Chateau in 2007 with different plans in mind. Since Patrick and I don’t like Oregon winters, we planned to spend at least three months out of the year living in our RV in Southern California or Arizona. The first winter we had her, we took her down to Quartzsite and Lake Havasu City, Arizona. And during the first two years, we took her on multiple outings to Oregon State Park campgrounds.



And then life happened. We became parents. And our whole world turned upside down. Plans changed. Priorities changed. Our finances were being allocated in different areas.


And so Chateau sat. And she sat. And she sat. And she continued to sit quietly on the side of our house, patiently waiting for a fun outing. But those outings were few and far between. Most of the times we took her out ended up being cold, rainy and windy. Not quite our style, but it’s Oregon and the weather can be unpredictable.

During our last trip to Nehalem Bay State Park at the beginning of this month, Patrick and I both realized it was going to be our last trip with dear Chateau. The money we put towards paying off the loan each month could be spent in more practical ways. Like paying off credit card debt. Maintenance on the house. Padding our savings accounts.

While it’s certainly the most responsible decision to make, sometimes it sure sucks to have to make those choices.

However, that hasn’t stopped us from dreaming about our next RV. The sky is the limit. We could upgrade our minivan and get a trailer to tow along behind us. We could get a cool Class B that slips easily in and out of parking spaces. We could get a truck with a camper top. We could get a super mini sized Class C again that’s cozy enough for us to sleep in for a week, instead of a month.

Our Chateau will soon be somebody else’s dream RV. And we will get another RV that is just perfect for our life at the time somewhere down the road. In the meantime, I’m now just an RV enthusiast. It’s kind of catchy!

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