All Over the Map

Are you ready to have some fun? Because I am! Hi, I’m Erin.













I live on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon with my darling husband…



And my even more darling daughter…


I’m a writer and voice actor who loves to travel, live healthy and feast on veg and gluten-free cuisine. I’m also an animal rights advocate and an attachment parenting-style mom. 

I can often be found exploring new recipes in my kitchen, going on play dates with my daughter, shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, taking road trips, writing or editing for Natural Awakenings magazine, or parking myself behind the mic for a voice-over audition. I’m also the RV host for

If I’m not doing one of those exciting activities, then I’m probably taking a hike, meeting with friends, trying to figure out how to stay warm in shivery, cold Portland. Or maybe I’m trying to figure out social media or new software and doing my best to keep a handle on my ever-growing inbox. I’m also finalizing my self-published travel memoir Little Snowbirds: A Love Story on Wheels.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m in Disneyland with my darling family…



Cozying up to to a dead Grandpa at a local casting director’s book release party…

Grandpa Dead

Or trying on a new look with my darling hubby and dear friend and voice coach, Leslie Jane…

bucket with Leslie and Patrick

I think that life is pretty full of adventures. I’ve decided it was time to share some of my adventure tales–the big ones, the small ones, the happy ones as well as the sad and everything in between.Since I’m here, there and everywhere my stories are going to be all over the map, too. And lucky me, I’ve got a husband who is into photography, so I’ll be sharing his photos to go along with my words.

Hopefully you’ll swap some of your tales with me!

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