To RV or Not RV?

I have a long way to go to become self-actualized. We’ve been at this great RV park in Seaside, Oregon for one full day. The weather couldn’t be better, the people couldn’t be nicer. We couldn’t have picked a sunnier site. My daughter couldn’t be more thrilled with the activities—riding the carousel, catching a glimpse of the ocean on a gorgeous day, eating s’mores around a campfire, splashing around in a small wading pool—even with a grocery bag tied around her temporary cast.

And yet, I have been toiling as I’ve been known to do.  And it’s all about the RV.

When we bought our gorgeous rig in 2007, we bought her with the intentions of spending several months each year being Snowbirds. The first winter we had it, we did just that. We drove down to Quartzsite and Lake Havasu City in Arizona for about a month. We liked it and planned to do it the following year for a longer stay. But as the saying goes, life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. Our life changed, especially once we became parents. Our priorities changed. Suddenly, our precious second home was sitting on the side of the house way more than I was comfortable with.

In fact, this August trip to the coast is this year’s maiden voyage. Since we also have a monthly payment on our motorhome, the idea that our money might be more wisely spent crosses my mind on a regular basis. So here I am, sitting in my gorgeous second home, on a lovely weekend escape with my darling family, and I can’t relax because I’m busy wondering whether or not we should keep or sell the RV.


Here’s the deal: I love RVs. I love the RV lifestyle. I’m a huge RV enthusiast. I get jealous when I see other RVs traveling down the road heading off onto some great adventure. So why would I want to sell it?

It’s weird but I’m not sure if I need to be an RVer right now in my life. I can still be an enthusiast without actually owning an RV for a few years, right? Perhaps I’m feeling this way because it has been so long since we have been RVing I kind of allowed myself to lose my passion for it. Or, is my passion going away right now because I have something more passionate I want to pursue? I did just upgrade my entire home studio so that I could do more quality voiceover work from my own home. But even with that added into my life, that wouldn’t be the reason I could possibly want to sell my motorhome.

Maybe I’m looking for a different kind of vacation. Maybe it’s all the about the budget.

Whatever the reason, change is in the air. It’s been on my mind for too long. I’ll admit. I’m not ready. Not yet. But soon.


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