Pro Tools Audition Successful

This might not mean much to other voice actors who have been using Pro Tools for years, but I recently acquired the program to go along with my new studio setup and I’ll tell you what—it was a tough jump to make from Sound Forge to Pro Tools. The interface alone is as intimidating as standing at the top of GunBarrell—a double black diamond run at Heavenly Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe. After several frustrating hours alone with my new equipment, I called the amazing Josh Millman at White Horse Studios and begged him to come over and save my sorry self. A few days later, he did just that. After two hours, he had me up and running!

We discovered a few software quirks that afternoon, so after figuring out how to get rid of those quirks via a phone consultation with a helpful Sweetwater tech support dude, I took a few Pro Tools tutorials. Then I successfully recorded, edited and sent off my first audition to my agent. I know I have a long way to go, but overcoming that hurdle has boosted my confidence level significantly! Let the adventures begin!


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