Coming Home

I’ll admit. Much of the time I’m not all that excited about coming home when I’m on a trip. I’m one of those types that daydreams about living in whatever place I happen to be visiting so I don’t want to leave. You should see me when it’s time for me to leave a place like Waikiki Beach. My husband practically has to drag me to the airport.

However, this time, I felt something that many people I know feel on a regular basis when they leave town–I was ready to come home. What a strange sensation. Granted, there were a few logical reasons surrounding this. For starters, I had some stuff waiting on me back home–like my new Pro Tools software and recording booth, along with my taxes–that had me anxious to return. Plus, I was having a hard time recording voice auditions with my “on the go” gear on this trip. The best place for me to record was always in a car, and let me tell you, it gets hot in a car real quick in the Lowcountry in summer. Even under the shade of some grand ol’ oak trees! And while I did find places to eat in Charleston, it’s hard for a person with multiple food restrictions to really eat well when they aren’t in the comfort of their own town, home or RV.

Yep, I was ready to come home. And it was a pleasant feeling. It certainly helped that I knew summer had finally arrived in Portland. There’s nothing like coming back to sunny skies in the Pacific Northwest. The world seems much more full of possibilities.

On our first full day back, I checked on my studio equipment and taxes. But rather than delving into learning Pro Tools in a dark room or fiddling with Turbo Tax, I opted for something more liberating. I played in the backyard with my family instead–guilt-free. I stress guilt-free because I’ve learned since moving here that it is an absolute MUST to take advantage of good weather when we get it.

So instead of work, we frolicked.
AOTM (backyard1)

We played ball, picked dainty flowers so my hubby could photograph them, and watered our little herb gardens. We feasted on vegan and gluten-free vittles on the back patio in the streaming sunlight. We drank homemade sweet tea and reveled in the marvelous absence of mosquitoes while taking full pleasure of our own backyard.

It’s fun to come home. Now I want to jet back out on a vacation so I can anticipate returning home again. But first, I must learn Pro Tools.

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