Couple Delivers Organic Produce

On my recent trip to San Diego I got a chance to write a Natural Awakenings community spotlight article on a super darling couple, Vic and Marissa Curro. One year ago, this passionate pair started Naturally to your door, an organic fruit and vegetable delivery service. They partner with local farms to get affordable local and organic produce delivered right to your door.


Naturally to your door stands out to me for two reasons: the first being the enthusiasm and passion that Vic and Marissa have for their business. While I only got to converse with Marissa via email, I was able to meet Vic in person. The guy is bubbling with feel-good vibes and tons of energy! The second reason their company stands out to me is their commitment to not only educating their customers, but ensuring their customers get what they want in terms of the produce that is delivered to them. Oftentimes when you sign up for a program like this, you don’t really get to choose what you are going to get, but on the Naturally to your door website, you’re able to customize your box to your liking.

Happy business owners plus stellar customer service equals blissed out customers! If you’re in the San Diego area, you should check them out. You can also read the full article at

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