An Interview with a Channeler

A few months ago, I had the privilege of interviewing a woman named Marianne Chapel for the Santa Fe edition of Natural Awakenings magazine. When reviewing the editorial that was submitted for the October issue, her news brief jumped out at me. Why? Because Marianne has a special gift. She channels non-physical energetic beings called John and Grace.


The interview went very well as Marianne is a delightful woman. And even though I was a little nervous about the channeling session that followed, everything went swimmingly! The advice that John gave me was comforting and insightful. I got off of the phone feeling inspired to keep on keeping on with many of my projects that I asked about. I also felt that everything that I was worried about was going to be okey dokey.

The article appeared on page 20-21 in the November issue of the Santa Fe edition of <i>Natural Awakenings</i>. To learn more about Marianne Chapel visit

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