California Painter Inspired by Nature

tim-stockton-smallTim Stockton, upstate New York born but raised in California, has enjoyed many vocations so far in this lifetime. “I’ve been a zillion different things,” he affirms.  “I’ve been to law school and received my doctorate in 1991, spent time as a stock broker, and even owned and sold a scuba store.” Currently, he helps out at his wife’s private investigation firm when needed. Years ago, while teaching college part-time and working in the search and rescue field in South Lake Tahoe, Stockton discovered he had melanoma. Soon after doctors were able to successfully remove a tumor from his back, he moved back to San Diego to be closer to his kids and grandkids. Not long after his return, he was diagnosed with leukemia. After going through a couple of years of chemotherapy, Stockton bounced back with a headstrong will to stay healthy. “If you don’t push it, you don’t get your health back,” says this devoted health buff who maintains his health by exercising regularly, following a plant-based diet, and staying creative.

Read more about Tim Stockton and his art in the article Local Painter Tim Stockton Finds Inspiration in Nature that was featured in the San Diego edition of Natural Awakenings magazine.

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