The Waterboy Whole House Water System

elaine-245x300In 1997 brothers Peter and Ted Carlisi moved to San Diego from New York State to be closer to family that had migrated to Southern California. “When they arrived, they saw how dire the water situation was here,” says Ted’s daughter, Elaine Montemarano, general manager for Superior Water in San Diego. “They were used to the water in New York which has numerous lakes and rivers that flow into reservoirs, as well as 35 to 40 inches of annual rainfall.” Montemarano says it’s considered some of the best drinking water in the world and is in sharp contrast to California’s water. “We average 3 to 5 inches of annual rain and use more ground water which has high mineral content, as well as high amounts of chlorine and chlorine byproducts, which makes the water more intensely chemical tasting,” she says.

The brothers saw an opportunity they couldn’t resist—they were going to help bring clean, healthy water to Southern California. After a lot of research, the pair formulated The Waterboy Total House Conditioning and Filtration System which features non-chemical conditioning technology. “The result is clean, healthy water that is good for people and the planet,” affirms Montemarano. “It’s great tasting, mineral rich water that not only leaves your skin feeling cleaner and your laundry brighter, but it’s good for your body. Delicious water is always flowing from any faucet in the house. This encourages everyone in the household to drink more water, helping to contribute to a healthier lifestyle.”

Read more about The Waterboy Total House Conditioning and Filtration System in the article The Waterboy Whole House Water System that was featured in the San Diego edition of Natural Awakenings magazine.

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