Conscious Divorce Coaching

leave-strong-imageWe spend months, even years at times, planning our marriages. And according to Laura McGee, founder of Leave Strong Divorce Coaching, we should give the same consideration to our divorces. McGee brings a legally trained mind into her coaching practice. As a non-practicing trial lawyer, trained mediator and life coach, McGee’s formal training and experience with communicating through conflict sets her apart.  “I help people bridge the gap between their uninformed expectations and realistic outcomes, and then I help them get better at communicating their needs,” she says.

Ten years ago, when McGee was practicing law in Canada, she had a rather transformative experience—she went legally blind. “It caused me to refocus my life,” she recalls. “I became especially committed to my family.” When she and her husband moved to California she was eager for a happy new life. Instead, she got stuck in an expensive divorce system.  The lessons of her costly legal battle became the basis for a coaching model that has since saved so many similar losses. McGee’s vow to help others avoid what she went through is her gift.

Read more about Laura McGee and conscious divorce coaching in the article Catching up with Conscious Divorce Coach, Laura McGee that was featured in the San Diego edition of Natural Awakenings magazine.

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