Rollin’ From The Heart in San Diego

John-Barry-Rolling-From-HeaAnybody who’s had the opportunity to speak with John Barry, cofounder of Rollin’ From The Heart Foundation along with his wife Alison, will quickly realize the depth of love this mother and father have for their late son, Ian. Known to his friends and family as “Poods,” Ian passed away in 2012 at the early age of 22. Since then, his parents, John and Alison, his sister, Kiva, along with Poods’ friends and family, have been filling the void in their life in the best way they know how—by spreading love.

Their organization, Rollin’ From The Heart, was established to give disadvantaged youth and young adults opportunities to skate, surf and camp while also focusing on helping them develop skills necessary for success in life. “We didn’t set out to start a nonprofit,” says Barry. “However, after Ian passed, so many people in the community came up and told us how much Ian had impacted their lives. They kept telling us that just being around him made them want to be a better person; that their outlook on life had changed, just from knowing our son. It was so touching. Just to know that Ian, who always saw the good in people, made that big of an impression on those around him. Imagine what it’s like to hear that.”


Read more about “Poods” and Rollin’ from the Heart in the article Rollin’ From The Heart that was featured in the December 2015 issue of Natural Awakenings San Diego.

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