Yoga Studios Share their Views on Yoga and Stress Relief

yoga-smallChronic daily stress can be a contributing factor to premature aging. The more stress we put on our bodies, the faster we age. Thankfully, there are plenty of habits we can incorporate into our daily lives to minimize stress and slow down the aging process. Natural Awakenings reached out to several local yoga studio owners who shared why practicing yoga is beneficial for stress reduction. “Yoga is a great stress reliever,” says Cindy Beers, owner of Red Head Yoga, in Mechanicsburg. “It is a mind/body practice that combines asanas, controlled breathing and relaxation. This, in turn, reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.”

To clarify how yoga helps reduce stress, Ron Blouch, co-owner of Just Plain Yoga Studio, says, “By directing our attention away from our problems and driving focus to the physical act of placing ourselves in a yoga posture, we do something radical: we interrupt the stream of thoughts and feelings that are creating the stress we live with in the first place. Those two things working together are the primary source of stress release in a yoga class.”

Read more in the article Local Yoga Studios Share their Views on Yoga and Stress Relief that was featured in the September 2015 issue of the South Central Pennsylvania edition.

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