Nature-Inspired Community Programs near Harrisburg, PA

Retreat AThe Amethyst Retreat Center, located 30 minutes north of Harrisburg, in Duncannon, is a place where nature, dedication to the growth of the human spirit and conscious community intersect. “Amethyst, at its core, is about the sacredness and healing aspects of nature. It’s about learning to live cocreatively in the world around us,” says Amethyst Foundation President Karen Hunsberger. “It is a beautiful philosophy of living and being.”

The property includes 144 acres of natural forest, meadows and wetlands that are available for retreats, workshops, educational programs and community gatherings. As a founding member of Lotus Light Community, which has the sole aim to live consciously through community, Hunsberger noticed a strong connection between the two organizations’ core values. “Lotus Light’s purpose is to help humans raise our consciousness through values that respect all traditions, religions, cultures and ways of being that are love-based and living in a way that is sustainable,” she says. “We can only be at peace in the world when we can all learn to respect and understand each other.”retreat-B

Read more about the Amethyst Retreat Center in the article Nature-Inspired Community Programs that was featured in the June 2015 issue of Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania edition.

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