Family Chiropractic Care in Camp Hill, PA

Chiropractic-BabyDr. Julie Madeira Niedwick, founder of Madeira Chiropractic, in Camp Hill, received her first chiropractic adjustment when she was 18 months old. “I was really sick with a high fever and severe breathing issues. At the time, there was only one chiropractor in town,” she says. “When my dad went in for an adjustment, he told his chiropractor about my illness. The doctor came to our home after hours and adjusted me.” Soon after, her fever broke and her breathing normalized, and the following morning she was back to her usual self. “My family still talks about the night that chiropractic saved my life,” she says.

Read more about Dr. Julie Madeira Niedwick in the article Family Chiropractic Care in Camp Hill that was featured in the May 2015 issue of Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania edition.

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