An Interview with Channeler Marianne Chapel

“Would you be afraid of death if I told you that when you die it’s like a theater production that has just ended?” asks the non-physical energetic being, John. “The curtains fall and you hop up and give a high five to the guy who just stabbed you to death.” John snaps his fingers and continues, “When you decide to leave your physical body, the life you are leaving behind will feel like a split second in the realm of infinity. And infinity is how long your true Self really lives. You are all part of a much greater purpose than you can even imagine right now.”

For years, Marianne Chapel led a normal life in Sarasota, Florida, as an art professor at Ringling College of Art and Design. While she enjoyed her profession, she often felt that she was meant to do more, but she didn’t know exactly what. When a friend of hers introduced her to Holotropic Breathwork, she had no idea how it would soon change her life. “I was guided into a deep trance and began to see incredible things. I saw spirits walking around us in the room,” she says. “The veil was suddenly lifted and I realized all of these worlds simultaneously existed. I thought to myself, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s real’!” It was a beautiful, blissful experience, and the beginning of a new chapter in Chapel’s life.

marianneChapel was so intrigued that she began meditating every day to get in touch with the nonphysical energetic beings that she encountered that day. Through her practice she realized that these non-physical beings are always there for us, answering our prayers. “The difficulty we all have,” says Chapel, “is trusting that once we lift the veil, and take a chance, life will unfold for us better than we could have ever imagined.”

But Chapel has learned to trust. For years, she has been channeling two non-physical energetic beings—John and Grace. Through her connection with them, she knows with every fiber of her being that we are all OK. “The message from John is to jump, we will catch you,” she says. “So let go and have faith. There are no mistakes. In fact, what we may deem as our greatest mistakes are actually our biggest blessings.”

According to Chapel, “Our purpose in life is not to achieve material gains. Our purpose is to evolve into our highest spiritual self.” And how do we do that? By getting to a place where we are making choices based on faith, rather than fear. “Often, from where we stand, we can’t conceive of how amazing our lives can be,” says Chapel, “if only we would be willing to trust the process and make changes for our highest good.”
The best path to that wonderful future life is to start following our hearts, taking more risks, and spend time daily in meditation. “We need to quiet our thinking brains,” she says, “it is often rolling and spinning with so many worries.” Each of us needs to access our Zen zone, or as Chapel calls it, “The Void.”

“Get your mind into that meditative space as often as possible,” she says. “The more you are in it, the more you will catch a glimpse of what it’s like to feel pure joy. And that pure joy will become part of your everyday life in your everyday activities. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a mathematician crunching numbers or a student of yoga, access that place where time seems to slip away.”

Chapel knows firsthand about needing to get into that space. When she first realized her gift, she was afraid to share it with anybody. “I didn’t want to tell my friends or family. Not even my husband,” she recalls. “I lived a pretty mainstream life and to suddenly tell them all I’m channeling non-physical entities was pretty scary.” However, the calling was so strong for her that she felt that she had no other choice. “Our calling can be so powerful that we may try to keep it a secret,” she says. But that’s not what we are supposed to do, according to John. We are to follow that calling no matter what people think of us. “The irony,” says Chapel, “is that when we do that and follow our calling, our lives are much better in all areas—relationships, career, financial.”

One aspect that Chapel loves about her connection with John and Grace is that she is able to give people hope. “There is something more out there. Life can and does get better,” she assures us. “No matter what, I let people know that they are going to be OK. Sometimes life is hard, especially when we are breaking out of our old patterns. The uncomfortable feelings are part of the process of breaking through.” Chapel has observed that most of her clients already have their answers. “They just need that little extra push to get through the fear,” she says. “Once they get through it, they are relieved to discover that everything is just fine.”

So how can we tell if we’re getting a nudge from above? “You can tell because you take the risk anyway, no matter what the outcome, what others will say,” says Chapel. “You take the risk because you are in it for the ride.”

My time with John and Grace

After spending time talking with Marianne Chapel about her experience with channeling, I got the opportunity to experience a session. I was giddy with anticipation beforehand, not knowing quite what to expect. Within minutes,

I was at ease, asking my questions to John and getting some very thorough and helpful answers. My questions mostly revolved around my health, parenting concerns, and my fear of “putting myself out there” with a book that I’m getting ready to publish. John not only gave me the comforting feedback I sought regarding what I was doing, but gave me very in-depth reasons on how what I was doing would affect the world around me. He also gave me a unique, refreshing perspective on some anxiety I’ve been dealing with. Overall, the conversation was eye-opening, filled me with hope, relieved some anxiety, and gave me just the jolt I needed to move forward in several areas of my life.

This article originally appeared in the November 2012 edition of Natural Awakenings Northern New Mexico. For more information on Marianne Chapel, John and Grace, visit

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