Journey to Healing and Enlightenment

Jacqueline-AAs a young girl, leadership intuitive and futurist Jacqui Cassel began to experience heightened intuitive abilities, and the circumstances surrounding her difficult childhood led her to perceive her gifts as a curse, rather than a blessing. By the time she reached adolescence, Cassel had invested energy into blocking or suppressing her own abilities. “I just didn’t want to see or feel what was happening around me,” she says.

In 2008, her spiritual world began to open up again. “I met another intuitive who told me that the angels had re-entered my life to help me with my gift,” recalls Cassel. Soon afterward, she was out jogging one evening when a stranger pulled over to deliver a message. “He told me, ‘This life is good. But your next life will be better.’ It happened right before the perfect storm culminated in my life,” she says. “I knew it was divine intervention.”

Read more about Jacqui Cassel in the article Journey to Healing and Enlightenment that was featured in the April 2015 issue of Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania edition.


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