Book Reports Animated Series on Dreamwork’s YouTube Channel

Meet the lively and adorable cast of chatty characters in Mr. Strung’s third grade class as they give their weekly book reports in the new animated series Book Reports!
Book Reports is a series of animated shorts that uber-talented children’s book author and illustrator, Mark Fearing  created with Dreamwork’s Television that is now available on the DreamWorksTV YouTube channel.
Fearing writes on his blog: “Book Reports is a close look at your average third grade class and how it’s especially difficult to stay focused when discussing just about anything in a third grade classroom. Inspired by my many visits to schools and libraries to talk about my own books I think this show captures some of my favorite aspects of elementary school.”
One fun tidbit—I got the fantabulous honor of playing the role of Greta, a super enthusiastic little girl who shares her impressions of Peter Pan while giving her book report in Episode 3. Things get a little dreamy when we discover that Greta’s classmate Wendell has his own little super power too!
You can check out all three episodes below.

Episode 1: In the first episode, Thora gives her book report on Alice in Wonderland. But don’t expect anything to stay on track with these kiddos.
Episode 2: This time Brandy gives her book report on Frankenstein. How did she pull that one off?
Episode 3: Greta gives her report on Peter Pan. Did you know Peter Pan flies because he thinks lovely, wonderful thoughts?

You can learn more about Book Reports on Mark Fearing’s blog. You can also” Like” Book Reports on Facebook    WP_BookReport_E.

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