Hollywood Hootenany

So this morning I told my darling daughter that we were going to a street fair. To which she replied,” I don’t want to go to the street fair.”

“Why not?” I asked her. “There’s going to be lots of yummy food there.”

“Because there will not be any jumping castles, presents, or lights. No swords or sticks or rubber duckies. There will be no presents or pets. It’s only food.”

Fair enough. However, I wasn’t about to let the absence of the above-mentioned things get in the way of our going to the street fair. We convinced her to go with promises of applesauce and off we went.
After petting the goats, we sampled delightful gluten-free, raw, vegan goodies from many vendors like the scrumptious BBQ sauces made from SweetFire Barbecue, Mama Lil’s zesty condiments, Manini’s mindbogglingly awesome gluten-free breads and goodies, Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food date sweetened Bite-lettes, Vega’s new french vanilla flavored Vega One nutritional shake and Garden of Life’s chocolate and vanilla RAW MEAL powdered drinks.


Now, that was my kind of festival since I absolutely adore trying out new, healthy and delicious ways to feed my body. After that, we did a quick stroll through the Hollywood Farmer’s Market.


The funny thing? My darling daughter never once complained that there were no sticks or swords. Not once.

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