Smallbatch Makes Superior Raw Pet Food

smallbatch photoBrothers David Vogel and Michael Vogel might not have set out to become artisan raw pet food connoisseurs, but they’ve certainly settled into their roles very well.  One might call it kismet. According to Michael, “We got into the raw pet food business kind of by accident. Back in 2001, I was working in Europe when I came back to San Francisco to visit my aunt.  She told me about this gentleman who was formulating these amazing diets for dogs and cats and how it did wonders for her dog, JoJo.”  Michael instantly saw the effect the food had on JoJo, and ended up connecting with the formulator, Jeffrey Dodson. “It made sense immediately,” says Michael. “Dogs don’t cook food in the wild, so why do we feed them cooked foods in their diets?”

To learn more about Smallbatch Pet Foods and how they are making the world a healthier place for pets, read the rest of this article that originally appeared in the January 2013 edition of Natural Awakenings San Diego.

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