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Chocolate Chip Pancakes (vegan/GF)

While on the quest for the perfect vegan/gluten-free pancakes, I ran across a lovely pancake recipe from one of my all-time favorite restaurants, Native Foods. I tweaked it a

Neverwinter Online Role-playing Game

The city of Neverwinter  is being attacked. Heroes must fight to keep the city safe. Are you brave enough for the challenge? Enter the world of Neverwinter. Did I

Chocolate Chip Oat Flour Cookies (vegan, GF)

You know how you have that favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe that you use for all occasions? The one that you’ve used for decades and know by heart? I

Veggie Soup!

I pulled out a yummy recipe for butternut squash soup the other day but I didn’t have enough butternut squash on hand so I improvised. This soup became an

Lowcountry Serves up Best Gluten-free Donut

On a recent trip to the Lowcountry my soon to be new sister-in-law treated us to Diggity Doughnuts, a popular vegan/GF friendly donut shop near downtown Charleston. While everybody

Let your Heart Lead the Way

Through the ages, poets, playwrights, composers and other artists have explored the wisdom of the heart. When making important life choices, our loved ones often tell us to listen