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SHE Sound Bite with Leslie Wadsworth

I’m one lucky broad and I know it. Not only did my darling family and I get a chance to take an extended trip to Southern California to escape

Who’s voice is on the Liquidshop Ecommerce web video?

Well, mine, of course, silly! I was thrilled for the chance to work with a delightful Toon Boom animator from Drawmill Animation Studios recently on a fun and informative

Dump your emotional baggage for better health!

Spotlight on Ayurvedic Practitioner Dave Lesinski, Founder of Modern Ayurveda Recently I’ve been working with a fabulous practitioner based in Encinitas, California. He’s an Ayurvedic practitioner that focuses on

SHE Sound Bite with Tenley Webb

Recently I had the chance to sit down with my dazzling friend and fellow voice actor, Tenley Webb, while she shared a bit about herself for an episode of