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Ladies Who Lunch Learn Great VO Tip!

In the nine years I’ve lived in Portland, I must say that I’ve met some amazingly talented people. Thankfully, many of these people have also become my dear friends.

Creamy Coconut Date Shake

My dear friend and colleague, Elaine Russo, publisher of the magnificent San Diego edition of Natural Awakenings magazine, recently shared this recipe with me. She thought I would appreciate

My Lilly Life

Before I redesigned my website, I was going to start a blog titled “My Lilly Life” that followed my journey from the life I am currently living into my

The Secret to Good Reads on the Road

During my recent visit to Los Angeles, I found myself complaining—a lot—to my adorable friend and fellow voice actor, Aaron Landon, about the lousy quality of auditions I was

Easter Celebrations and Yummy Muffins

My dear hubby recently forwarded me an interesting muffin recipe that I decided to try out. I’m glad I did! These Chocolate Chip Instant Coffee Muffins have just the

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies (GF, SF, DF)

Can you really make a delicious classic chocolate chip recipe that is not only gluten-free but vegan and soy-free as well? Hell yes! I do it all the time.

10 Things I Love About San Diego

During the eight plus years that I’ve lived in Oregon, I’ve discovered many things about myself. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that I’m not a