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Alternative Eating in Charleston, South Carolina

When I used to live in Charleston way back in the day, I was a strict vegan. It was rough in the beginning, but then Earth Fare opened up

Pro Tools Audition Successful

This might not mean much to other voice actors who have been using Pro Tools for years, but I recently acquired the program to go along with my new

Free Vegan RV Cookbook

I did it. After several months of hounding my hubby to take pictures of all the food I was whipping up in the kitchen, and bothering him with countless

Sometimes we just need an excuse

We’re on our way to Seattle for a mini-road trip right now because Patrick wants to attend an In Design User Group. The featured speaker is someone who just

The Lowcountry

We recently spent several weeks in Charleston, South Carolina so that we could visit family, friends and delight in some warm weather. After a long winter in Portland, I

Coming Home

I’ll admit. Much of the time I’m not all that excited about coming home when I’m on a trip. I’m one of those types that daydreams about living in

All Over the Map

Are you ready to have some fun? Because I am! Hi, I’m Erin.                       I live on the outskirts