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Book Reports Animated Series on Dreamwork’s YouTube Channel

Meet the lively and adorable cast of chatty characters in Mr. Strung’s third grade class as they give their weekly book reports in the new animated series Book Reports!

Neverwinter Online Role-playing Game

The city of Neverwinter  is being attacked. Heroes must fight to keep the city safe. Are you brave enough for the challenge? Enter the world of Neverwinter. Did I

Portland VegFest September 27 and 28

Portland VegFest is coming to the Oregon Convention Center September 27 and 28, 2014. And yours truly loved the opportunity to voice the commercial campaign for this delightful annual

SHE Sound Bite with Catherine Sheehan

Recently I got the chance to hang out with a super cool voice actress, Catherine Sheehan. Not only did I find out this lovely woman was whip smart when

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Want to hear my commercial voice demo? Visit ErinsVoice.com.

SHE Sound Bite with Sabra May

When I last visited LA, I got the chance to hang with the oh-so-delightful voice actor and on-camera actress, Sabra May. And since we were hanging, we decided to

Love Murphy Beds? You’ll totally dig TechCraft Wallbeds!

Ever since my Aunt Sally installed Murphy Beds in the spare bedrooms of her home years ago, I’ve kind of had a “thing” for those kinds of beds. I

What do sewing machines and wine country have in common?

Why, the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 from Janome, of course. This sewing machine is the perfect tool for decorating your own bed and breakfast in wine country. Check out

SHE Sound Bite with Mercedes Rose

I’m super stoked to present this fun SHE Sound Bite with my dear friend and mega-talented SUPERSTAR, Mercedes Rose. Not only is Mercedes a talented performer, but she hangs

SHE Sound Bite with Leslie Wadsworth

I’m one lucky broad and I know it. Not only did my darling family and I get a chance to take an extended trip to Southern California to escape