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Book Reports Animated Series on Dreamwork’s YouTube Channel

Meet the lively and adorable cast of chatty characters in Mr. Strung’s third grade class as they give their weekly book reports in the new animated series Book Reports!

Lowcountry Serves up Best Gluten-free Donut

On a recent trip to the Lowcountry my soon to be new sister-in-law treated us to Diggity Doughnuts, a popular vegan/GF friendly donut shop near downtown Charleston. While everybody

Logo for my RV Travel Memoir

Recently, my hubby and I had a fun experience getting a logo designed from 99Designs.com. Basically, you put your logo idea out there, along with any helpful notes, and

Creamy Coconut Date Shake

My dear friend and colleague, Elaine Russo, publisher of the magnificent San Diego edition of Natural Awakenings magazine, recently shared this recipe with me. She thought I would appreciate

The Secret to Good Reads on the Road

During my recent visit to Los Angeles, I found myself complaining—a lot—to my adorable friend and fellow voice actor, Aaron Landon, about the lousy quality of auditions I was

Summer Fun in Pics!

Just a little collection of photos from our summer of fun!    

All Over the Map

Are you ready to have some fun? Because I am! Hi, I’m Erin.                       I live on the outskirts